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Buy Facebook Accounts - Improve Social Media Connectivity

Facebook is the Rank#2 Website of the world, which connects the people, business and friends all over the world. Its like a virtual world. From recent years, it becomes a vital place of advertising the products to people. It is biggest social networking platform today. We can provide you Both PVA Facebook accounts & Non PVA Facebook Accounts at the cheapest price in the world. By having these bulk facebook accounts, you can have an opportunity to market your business among millions of users. These accounts can improve your search engine marketing, search engine optimization, google page ranking, and your business approach. Every Phone Verified Facebook account is verified using a unique phone number and a unique IP, and they follows all the terms of use by Facebook, Inc.

Buy PVA Facebook Accounts
Phone Verified Facebook Accounts (PVA Facebook Accounts) are the facebook accounts, which are created by a unique ip address, and they are verified by using a unique phone number. These accounts are also know Real Facebook users. We are introducing new pva facebook accounts packages for your bulk accounts need. You can use these bulk facebook accounts, to market your business, social networking, improve google ranking of your website, and many more. These accounts will be delivered to you within 48 hours of purchasing and payment confirmation.

Buy Non PVA Facebook Accounts
You can also buy non pva facebook accounts from GetAccountsNow, but we not recommend you to do that. These accounts are not verified using phone numbers and can not completely obey the rules and regulations of Facebook, inc. But these are cheap facebook accounts, with respect to real facebook accounts. You can verify these accounts later, whenever you want to verify them. Order now.